25 September 2008

Fascist Tomfoolery of the Week

Probably will go the way of all my other "...of the Week" items that I have failed to continue, but oh well...

As usual in Louisiana, we have the brownshirts in high places to contend with, and often we find them here in high office, the people here too willing to elect morons to high office on account of something like "he's my brother in law". Not being content with their BMWs and million dollar homes in gated communities, sometimes our beloved solons get the itch to impose their worldview of "white makes right" on the rest of us.

So cometh this grotesque proposal by one sick legislator (actually, they're all sick, but I digress...).

I do not even have to explain how this is the definition of fascism. Any sixth grader can witness how our great and noble solons view their less fortunate chattel.

I will say that it is true that there are many poor people who have far too many children.

I will also say that this does not bode well for our society, much less the proportion of social parasites to social producers. Witness your friendly neighborhood ghetto for details.

But I will finally say that it is government itself that subsidized irresponsible behavior, imprudent childbearing, single parenthood, and general social disarray. State social welfare programs did not just materialize out of thin air to breed parasitism.

And now they want to slice and dice us, after having screwed Amerika blind with their welfare policies. Heads they win, tails we lose.

What a crock of shit.

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