24 September 2008

America, RIP

As the economic conflagration reaches crisis proportions, the alarm bells sound in the halls of power and privilege as even their shirts are threatened by the collapse of the financial establishment. Of course, if these masters of the universe had actually been as intelligent as they claimed, they would have seen this coming. So much financial rot is bound in the system now that only a truly insipid person would be unable to predict the coming cataclysm.

This bullcock which is sold to us as a "bailout" is really the last ditch effort of the power elites to protect their rapidly evaporating positions at the expense of the taxpayer - you know, the rest of us. The presidential candidates and even the Leader himself go into crisis mode as their hi-finanz playa friends in high places cry havoc.

(What, you actually thought that the politicians were suddenly all concerned because you are hurting? Spare me the idiocy of your thought process.)

With that, say goodbye to fiscal sanity, as the elites pocket the profits while the rest of us go to hell, in a long ordeal of mass starvation, murder, and destitution.

The elites are growing aware of the social nightmare to unfold. So lo, open fascism is making a comeback, in the form of State-sponsored sterilization.

It will be a elite's paradise, in this future coming Amerika which will resemble Brazil more than the U. S. of A. which the folk currently recognize - a land of high prices, low wages, slavery like conditions (or just plain slavery), and capricious two tiered justice. The Hobbesian nature of the existence of the bedraggled underclass morass will become the grim and lethal norm - existence as nasty, brutish, and short. The brutishness of man which civilization had tamed will be given free reign as that civilization evaporates into memory.

Expect an exodus from the cities as people escape in desperation from sure starvation, to trade their civil liberties for a tiny plot of land, to trade their status as free men to fill their stomachs and live under the protection of the lord of the manor. Welcome back to medieval times and another thousand year dark age.

(Cuz when the time comes, no State will be there to protect you from the raving rabble of highwaymen and criminals that can be found in the wake of the destruction of any society. Slavery is freedom.)

Then what will the dickheads in their Beemers say? Will they be able to claim with any semblance of a straight face that they are simply 'superior' people, when it is clear that even the most hard working folk are doomed to starve in this maelstrom?

It will expose the dickheadery for what it is - connected, privileged, unworthy of their exhalted position except for their fortunate luck in life to know the right people and attend the right institutions.

Color flows downhill, you know.

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