19 August 2008

You can never go back

(Graphics heavy poast this evening since I am tired of typing today.)

A while ago I paid a visit to that lost paradise, the Lower 9th Ward of Orleans Parish:

Now having largely reverted to its feral natural state in the post-K world, the storm events only vastly accelerated the ongoing process of urban prairie creation which has been occurring for many decades now:

This is the ultimate lost city, the urban prairie at its most spectacular, rivaling Detroit in its scope and breadth, presenting a visage of peaceful open fields and country lanes where there had once been a dense urban neighborhood largely engulfed by poverty, violence, and despair.

Of course, in this case, most of the damage occurred all at once due to natural disaster. Detroit's problems are a disaster of another sort.

A memorial to the genocide victims has been constructed at the foot of the Claiborne Avenue bridge:

The future portends little hope for a revival. With the area already in decline before the storm, and development practically uninsurable, fate does not bode well for redevelopment of this neighborhood. I believe that, along with the rest of the city east of the Industrial Canal, it will eventually revert to the swampland from whence it came. For the purposes of reducing the destruction to human life and property in future storms, this may be the best and proper fate.

As dey say: You can never go back.

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