20 August 2008

Crimes and misdemeanors

Apparently the new type of petty thievery today among the underclass is to swipe from the tip jar which invariably exists at many small service sector businesses (mainly restaurants and taverns). This of course directly robs the hardworking everyday folks who work in these positions, usually earning subpar pay, actually attempting to, you know, earn an honest living and not survive by robbery as many of their social peers do.

Another example of robbing the working stiff to fund the epic subsidy racket that is the survival of the moocher class in this day and age. The tom-toms grow louder...


With the third anniversary of Doomsday looming, the failure of the all-elusive "recovery" to materialize in the lives of the unfortunates caught in its wake (except for the elite and well-connected, for whom profit taking at the expense of taxpayers is considered a birthright) poses a highly embarassing situation for the government.

Thus Bush was in the hometown today (hardhat and all; that must have made a nice photo-op) claiming the government's continued "commitment" to the rebuilding of that beleaguered city.

In Bushspeak, "commitment" is defined as emphatically saying, "We're providing all necessary resources to rebuild," while most of said resources (borrowed from the Chinese, to boot) falls into the pockets of the mecha-contractors (most not from around here) that squat like leeches upon the carcass of the Federal funds apparatus - all to fund the fat salaries and entitlements of the dickhead leisure class. Meanwhile, the common folk starve for lack of jobs, and bodies pile high like cordwood as violent crime poses the only outlet for obtaining income.

In Our Leader's case, I think Henry Rollins put it best:


The "Suck My Dick" Caravan rolls on...


Check out these amazing videos of a once thriving Detroit from 1954.

Perhaps the greatest crime of all: the rape of a once great city by a looter class without remorse or moral scruple or question. A once productive population reduced to a simpering morass of barely human creatures all snarling at once in unison "WHERE'S MAH SUBSIDY???" and "YOU OWE ME!!!"

With a society built on morals such as these, it is no surprise that civilization has rapidly crumbled into dust in their wake.

This is the end result of a people whose only desire is to maximize their pleasure, completely eliminate any need for exertion of effort and thought in their lives, and exist in an idle, torpid state that equates to a perpetual childhood. It should come as no surprise that child-like behavior should logically follow, and that a once vibrant city created and sustained by human effort should come to reflect the apathy and sheer focus on self-pleasuring and self-indulgence that afflicts the looter class like a terminal disease. And as the looter class expands, with the encouragment of an omnipotent government, to take in nearly the entire society, the entire civilization falls into the state of dilapidation and ruin.

This can only lead to one place.

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