06 August 2008

Morass of the mindless

An interesting statistic popped my way - apparently something like 4o% of all live births today (that's ALL, as in the entire population, not merely the underclass) are illegitimate, or as the media says, "outside of wedlock".

If this is not a travesty that makes society wake up and smell the coffee, then nothing will.

The shamelessness of the dollar store class - the trailer park rabble, the ghetto welfare queens, the criminally indolent, the users, the abusers, the psychopaths, the voluntarily helpless - are swarming up to engulf what is left of our society into the abyss of mindless moronia. These barely human animals use and discard sexual partners and other people in general like a spent Kleenex. Soon nothing will be left in humanity but the passion to indulge, get high, and live off the government.

Don't blame the 60's. The hippies were a self contained sub-culture. Most folks back then were hard working people who followed traditional values. It was later, in the 1970s, when the miasma of moral libertinism birthed by the free love movement began to percolate through the general population. As I recall, this was about the time when women began to wear clothing in public that would have scandalized earlier generations.

The evil of libertinism has been permitted to grow for too long, to the point where respected intellectuals tell traditionalists to "get over it" and "accept reality". I am guessing that none of them ever had to deal with a pregnant adolescent daughter, or a substance abusing family member, or a family life riddled with chaos and obscene immaturity.

Traditional morality can withstand no more assaults of this nature. Like laissez-faire capitalism, traditional morality has had many beneficiaries but few to no defenders. The religious, evolutionary, cultural, and purely moral arguments are no longer being listened to, since no one takes them seriously anymore.

Thus the ultimate and correct justification for traditional behavior - the economic angle - must be made. In a future post I will expand on this.

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