04 August 2008

Liberty first in November

As election season commences yet again, the quadrennial false pageantry of 'democracy' again plays out on the national scene.

We often think of politics in the purest sense as occurring on a state or national level. We rarely attach the significance of the national political debate (or what passes for one) to the local level.

I have stated here multiple times my opinions on the current national and state 'leadership'. They are a bunch of clowns who would be amusing to observes and contemplate, if the consequences of their actions were not so downright lethal. (As they said about Binky the Clown, "He thought about going into politics, but there were already too many clowns in Washington.")

But even on the local level - especially on the local level, since it most directly impacts the average taxpayer and citizen - the maximization of liberty must be the prime consideration when crafting a system of government. 

Where does the Capital City fall on this end?

Regrettably, near the average, the average being that any expansion or incursion of State power is viewed positively, that the actions of our solons are bestowed the highest import, though they can have little more than a negative impact on the community.

Daily the political leadership in this community allies itself with the forces and parties of corporatism and socialism. Daily the people's tax dollars are placed at the service of the powerful and the degenerate.

In November, the mayoralty and all twelve seats of the city-parish council are in play. I urge the voters to make a sober and wise choice and choose the candidates which will most honor personal liberty and most resist the albatross of government intrusion into our lives.

Of course, that might make for slim pickings. It is a testament to the decline of Amerika today that we have reached this point.

There will be hucksters, charlatans, and reptilian ingrates making big promises, to "deliver the goods" to the rabble. In short, more of the same - income redistribution from those who can to those who can't. The sheeple will clamor for public "services" - to the loud and vociferous cries of "YOU OWE US!!" - and their masters will 'deliver', all while lining their pockets. There will be the usual cheap shots, recriminations, character assassination, and race baiting. It will, as always, bring out the most loathsome and base characteristics in men.

Ain't democracy wonderful?

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