08 August 2008

Monkey brains

Along with Kwame on the back burner, yet another predictable political scandal brews now on the front burner with the exposure of John "Egocentric and Narcissistic" (bloody well right!) Edwards' hidden mistress and possible love child.

(Cue the eponymous Supremes song now.)

Just another reason why I sit in amazement while we entrust our Republic to these clowns and assholes. Instead of letting the righteous bubble to the top as would occur naturally in a free society, we willingly place ourselves under the rule of men who have no scruples, morals, shame, or restraint.

If they cannot restrain themselves in their personal lives, how can we trust them to demonstrate restraint in public affairs?

Another thing: It is sad today that of all publications, the National Enquirer is the only trustworthy news source around worthy of the name "the press."

1 comment:

Odo said...

Yes, let's all crucify John Edwards for having an affair. Lord knows that is SO much more important than the shitty economy, high gas prices and the prez's Faux Holy War.

Scruples, morals, shame, restraint? If the Republicans had any of this, we wouldn't have lost 4000+ troops in Iraq.