10 August 2008

Dipshit lives

Recently I have heard of a concept called a "quarter-life crisis." Apparently it is now common for young adults in their twenties to experience feelings of "inadequacy, frustration, lack of fulfillment, career stagnation, etc." 

If this is not the biggest justification for indolence, failure, and willful sloth out there today, then I don't know what is. Modern youth have absolutely no concept of willful striving, of paying one's dues, of making oneself marketable to productive pursuits. They have been brought up to demand it all, now. Their insipid little lives grow dark if they cannot afford the latest I-Pod or whatever technological gizmo is fashionable today.

So many people want to have "interesting" careers today that it sickens me. Not everyone can be a doctor, lawyer, actor, public relations "coordinator", videographer, game show host, etc.! The labor demand is simply not there! The majority of good productive work is not glamorized on television, but it is worthwhile all the same, even more so than the "make me rich, make me famous" (as dey say in tha trailer park) school of employment opportunities.

If the youth culture today had to deal with a fraction of the high level shit that goes on in the real world (such as is documented on these pages), outside their hermetically sealed bubbles, they would just go apeshit.


Have I ever mentioned how much I despise gated communities?

Living behind a fence just declares to the world that "hey, I prefer to live only among folks of my exact same race, class, income cohort, and overall worldview."

It would be understandable if this were Latin America and crime/security concerns were an issue; but what makes the mind boggle is that here we have gated communities in parts of the city where safety is hardly a concern. It moves rapidly from a "protect my family" issue to something like "I'm richer, whiter, and more affluent than you, so suck my dick."

What a grate country this is. 

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