16 August 2008

Classic class

Another pet peeve of mine of late has been automobiles - namely, the styling thereof:

Here is a typical modern pupmobile: crafted of cheap plastic, aluminium, and glass, a deathtrap waiting to happen, a stylistic cacaphony of blandness.

On to the vehicle of choice for the debt orgy class:

The simple, economical SUV (/sarcasm): ten miles to the gallon, manufactured from the same crappy materials, a stylistic disaster.

Not to mention that these vehicles are incredible deals - just plunk down $30K in the form of five years' worth of recurring debt, and this trash can be yours!

But lo, it was not always this way! Here is one of Detroit's offerings from forty years past:

Perhaps one of the finest automobiles around, the Oldsmobile Cutlass. I was a proud owner of a Cutlass in times past. Sadly, it was a 1995 model, and by then GM had completely abandoned any pretense of careful design for its products.

A second generation Cutlass from the middle 1960s.

And not to forget the working man. The working man, many years ago, could be the proud owner of this moving work of art:

A 1973 Chevrolet Caprice!

These vehicles populated my youth. Whatever happened to good taste in automobile design? And not only at GM, Ford, or Chrysler, but elsewhere:

I rest my case.

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