03 June 2008

Some comments on a dying age

So here is the political situation in our country today:

A certain long-time Senator from a Northern state has been experiencing health issues, and the State-worshiping media is cockling over his health concerns like fawning little angels. Please. This man is an integral part of the warfare-welfare state: he has supported our wars, supported our subsidy programs to big business and the underclass, supported the State and socialism at every turn; indeed he has been central to their creation, leading to his reputation as a major political player and astute lawmaker.

It can only be this way if you are to survive for as long as he has in DC.

In my opinion the sooner he is dead the better. Harsh, you say? Well in my opinion he should be tried for war crimes, convicted, and hanged by the neck until he is dead, such as what occurred to the top Nazis. (Along with the Leader and his cronies, of course, but that is another poast in itself.) He has supported the genocide in Mesopotamia explicitly by supporting the Leader in his 'war on terror', and implicitly by doing absolutely nothing to stop it, being in a position of power as he holds. Few have the power as a sitting Senator does to truly control what goes on in our lives. The fact that he neglects to exercise his power to stop the mass murder is telling.

In other news, a former member of the Leader's inner circle has published a tell all book which plainly states (as if we didn't know it already) that the Leader's enlightened rule is based on lies, obfuscations, and dishonesty. Besides the fact that it is very interesting that only now is he expressing moral qualms about what goes down in the Imperial palace ("Shocked, shocked!") now that he has left its employ, it is even more interesting how the Leader's cronies and flunkies more in lockstep, to a man, to bash the tome as a 'fiction' - while conveniently not denying any accusations therein. (Guess we wouldn't want to be setting ourselves us for future perjury charges or anything.)

Ya know it's hilarious. Virtually everyone knows that the present administration (and its predecessors) openly lies and spins to the Amerikan people. Yet no one does a damn thing about it. In the 1970s an executive had to resign no less because he was [allowed by the leadership class to be] caught in a big lie (ya don't really think the media goes after the big dogs on its own, eh?). Now executives with the power to end civilization lie to the people with impunity, and nary a peep is heard.

"When they came for the Jews...."

Of course executive lies are inevitable in any State system. The question is never whether there should be an executive with that kind of power, or even an executive at all, but whether the complete falsehoods uttered from the executive organ today are partly untrue or completely untrue. Like mystics of old we delve to divine the minutest details of the Leader's infrequent prognostications. Never mind that they bear no goddamn relation to reality.

And finally, the DemocRATS have finally decided upon their fall nominee for dictator, and in the choice between the communist white female and the communist Black man, the Black man has apparently prevailed - so sayeth the media talking heads who of course are the last word on everything. IMO this is a step backward for America. We had a most honorable and worthy candidate this year, and who did Amerika end up choosing in the end? A war criminal and a Marxist-Leninist.

Oh well, not like the current Leader can't be described as either of these things, so score one for consistency and staying the course! Hooray for democracy!