03 June 2008

Blue collar daze

I cannot begin to understand the vitriol of the comfortable and privileged classes toward their alleged blue collar 'inferiors'.

They have every comfort and privilege in the world; they have the protection of law and custom and that most important of all things, the benefit of the doubt. As long as the Leadership permits no threat will ever cross their bow. (Hazard and misery, according to them, are supposed to be reserved for Blacks, you understand.) Yet they spew out hatred and discord toward the working classes which border on the insane and ridiculous, as if we were terrorists or something similar.

What can we poor working class folk possibly do to threaten their protected cocoon? We bottom dwellers live under the heavy hand of a police state; our word is never trusted or taken for granted; the most severe solution is always imposed on us. We are taxed into paupery and our livelihoods are constantly threatened by inflation, a collapsing economy, the arbitrary whims of the police and other State actors, and declining real wages. Our movements are tracked constantly, and effectively it has reached the point where we cannot leave the cities without permissions from various State officials. And yet we are supposed to be a threat. Incredible.

One day the tables will be turned and the comfortable will lose their privileges, and actually be forced to produce something of value to justify that high salary, fancy clothes, and luxury vehicle. Until then, the working man will continue to struggle in a society where his thoughts don't count, where even the demonstration of a smidgen of independence and individualism will get you locked in a cage, where you must bow down to the Man because the Leadership has dictated that he is better than you, and you are three-fifths or one-half or some proportion of a whole man.

Or better yet, you are an Untermensch. Let the genocide begin.