12 June 2008

It is finished

This evening the Honorable Dr. Ron Paul will formally conclude his presidential campaign.

The worthy efforts of the rEVOLution, however, will continue. Dr. Paul continues to work tirelessly to promote freedom and liberty for all the people of this once proud nation.

Yet I cannot shake the feeling that despite all this, this nation has passed the point of salvation, and is headed headlong for the deluge.

There is nothing that can stop it now, not even the efforts of Dr. Paul and other freedom minded individuals. The big metal monster is hurtling rapidly toward destruction, and taking us all down with it.

The 2008 election was the last opportunity this land had to arrest this trend. Now the dogs of death will be unleashed, and blood will soak the land waist deep as the time of profit taking arrives.

And the mangled corpses of hundreds of millions will bear witness to the outcome of human depravity and monumental ignorance.

Humanity cannot be saved unless it is fully exposed to the effects of its base and vulgar nature. The only chance for the species' survival now is to withstand the deluge as best as is possible, learn from its bloody and terrible lessons, and then say "Never again."

And this time, mean it.