10 June 2008

Dispatch from the end of civilization

The inexorable rise of petrol prices has pushed the retail price above $4 a gallon, marking yet another inevitable milestone toward civilization's gradual and now irreversible progress into the maelstrom of barbarism. As the end of civilization nears and the economy collapses around us, observe the canary in the coal mine in order to determine the rate at which we hurtle along the path to the state of feral chimpanzees on the open prairie.

When the folks at the very bottom - the ghetto Blacks - begin to starve in droves, you now know that the witching time has come, and Satan has come to call in his debts.

Of course, perhaps since the Negro underclass is subsidized to the extent he is today, their sufferings will likely pale in comparison to the working classes directly above them, fully exposed to the ravaging monsters of death which will soak this land in blood and broken bodies and unraveled dreams.

Again the working man must lay down his life for the comfort of the privileged. The undertaking profession will handsomely profit from the coming deluge. (Consider that fact when making a career choice today, young people.)

The playerz and golden boyz (and girlz) of the privileged classes cannot all be protected from the slide. It will be too severe for even their elites to paper over, with fiat money or otherwise. For those who have never known suffering, hardship, or in fact reality, the coming emergency will almost certainly be lethal and swift.

The expression "Let the bodies hit the floor" will take on a literal meaning, and sooner than you know.

No more nights of sickening frivolity chugging away with their other rich friends at the local pub for them. In this game they join the ranks of the many, for which survival has always been a day to day concern.

And there are only two outcomes to this game - bedraggled, desolate life or the cold slumber of death. In a way perhaps death is preferable in this situation.

What will future civilizations say of us, having unearthed the magnificent ruins of a once affluent society which unfortunately suffered from a terminal case of mass stupidity and moronia? Will they be able to resolve the conflict between the marvelous engineering feats revealed to them with the mindless and ignorant behavior of this age's social actors? Will they read these lonely blog posts and realize that there were people who lived who observed this age of madness, and understood precisely that the end was about to arrive?

The process has already begun. Gleaming cities are being replaced by open wilderness; music has degenerated from soaring melodies to grunting jungle drums. Intelligence has been replaced by intellectual sloth, competence by incompetence, work ethic by subsidy seeking, life by death.

The human animal has returned to his primal roots, his glands and dick dictating the warp and loom of his existence, mysterious biological urges and processes shaping his behavior which primarily consists of wanton thuggery, degenerated into a state no better than the ape he evolved from. The striving to rise above nature, the entire reason for the existence of higher civilization, has permanently ceased. No longer can the human being call himself better than, or superior to, the animals. He is one of them.

The few remaining civilized humans have been crowded out by the animal masses, their greasy and slimy paws fast groping for the rapidly evaporating scraps of subsidy which they can manage to obtain. In such a free for all for vanishing resources, ruthlessness and brutality is favored by evolution, and that individual who can murder his way to the top naturally assumes prominence in such a societal state.

When civilization reaches its final conclusion, such a state of ruthless anarchy will be greatly amplified, to a degree which will make all the atrocities of the twentieth century appear like chicken feed by comparison. Father will murder son, brother will murder brother, White and Black will engage in bloody and murderous race war, hundreds of millions will die. If humanity manages somehow to survive, it will likely be only in small bands of twenty or so, as hunters and gatherers scavenging the last scraps of civilization, in a total global population that will not exceed the thousands.

Consider that it took twelve thousand years for humanity to progress from a hunter-gatherer state to current modernity. This feat will not be repeated. Civilization will cease to exist, and will never be restored or reconstituted in any way, shape, or form. Native human intelligence of any shape will have been swallowed and consumed by the orgy of death, leaving the dullest of the dull, the most ruthless of the ruthless, to bring the human race to total extinction in another generation or two.

The Planet of the Apes will replace it, likely. (I don't know if that will actually happen, but then nothing makes sense anymore, so why not?)

The problem is simple. There are 6.7 billion people on earth. This level of population cannot be sustained except through advanced productive techniques (division of labor, et al.) and processes for implementation of specialized knowledge which only capitalism and free markets can create and sustain. (Pre-capitalism global populations were thus far lower than current levels. Global population levels of one billion was only reached around the year 1800.) When capitalism is rejected and replaced with a system of subsidy which consumes wealth without generating new wealth, by a process where the relatively few producers are raped to sustain the larger body of dead weight, the system collapses, and the surplus population so produced by a free market system ceases to live. In a society such as this one where there is much wealth, this process takes longer since there is more to loot and plunder, but the rule is the same. The wealth is eventually exhausted, the subsidy gainers can no longer sustain their game, and the house of cards collapses in a gigantic pile of corpses.

It is as simple as that. The current trajectory of events is leading to a collapse. The choice we are facing is stark - life, or death. Amerika (Fuck yeah!) and the rest of the world has tenaciously clung to its moronic subsidy fantasies, right in the face of heavy evidence that this course is unsustainable. They have chosen death, and death is what they will receive.

Believe me, what is coming will be big. There is a huge surplus population, about 6.65 billion people's worth to be exact. The law is inexorable. They will all die. Every inch of this globe will have to be plowed for cemeteries to store all the bodies.