04 June 2008

Class warfare - the straight dope

What causes class hatred?  It is a highly important question in a society which publicly likes to sweep this subject under the rug, but in private harbors extremely strongly held beliefs and biases in this manner.  Our hypocritical culture claims to be "classless", to not consider class and birth origin when making decisions of economic and social calculation.  This is a bald faced lie. In reality there is an incredible amount of fear and loathing between the classes in America today. Bound up with this, of course, is the albatross of race.

Everything on this blog is the unfettered and unadulterated truth unlike anything you will see elsewhere.  This blog would not exist if it did not serve as a venue to expose the lies inherent in our society.  So believe me, this is not fiction that you will be reading, and you know it.

The rich and upper classes loathe their social and economic inferiors.  They regard people who are not members of their privileged 'clique' - that is, folks who work with their hands for a living, who don't come from so-called 'good' families in lily white suburbs - as diseased creatures not fit to inhabit the earth with their enlightened selves.  The elites' control of the State apparatus, and how the ruling class through the State treats the average citizen, is proof of this truth in action.

For the most part the better portion of the middle class emulate, or at least do not actively oppose, the opinions of their elite rulers - either because they aspire to imitate them in mores and manners, or keeping quiet lest by dissent they lose their comfortable but more tenous place in the System.

The working man is of course suspicious of the elites and their middle class enablers for these reasons.  They very much resent the dickhead white collar bureaucRAT with a clipboard who comes into their neighborhood and presumes to know exactly how to "improve" things, despite having never been there before and likely never to return in the future.  They see the tentacles of the privileged class intruding into their lives always, telling them how to raise their children, commute to work, spend their leisure time.  How arrogant they find it - of course they resent the intrusion, and the entire class mentality behind it.  Wouldn't you?

The one class that can be justifiably despised is the underclass, that unproductive albatross of human refuse and moronia whose means of survival is to function as a parasite.

But do not the elites, with their control of the State and its mechanisms for income dispersal, constitute a parasite class?  Undoubtedly most of their numbers are genuine economic contributors, and if they would only keep to themselves and not attempt to impose a Puritan Yankee 'do-gooder' mentality on the rest of us through the State, their influence would be more proportionate with their numbers.  Of course they do not finance the State schemes themselves - it always falls to the forgotten man, the working stiff, to bear the majority of the cost...

The elites and underclass conspire in a mutually beneficial relationship (I have mentioned this before in the blog) to impoverish the rest of us to their financial and political benefit.  No wonder there is so little trust of either class among the working majority.  And no wonder why the working majority prefer to live in areas far away from these folks.  They have conspired to destroy their income and earning power, their means of self protection, their self-respect, their place in the community, even their family lives.  

This is why I loathe the fringe classes so much.  They have a lot to answer for.