28 May 2008

Witness this baloney

Point your peepers to this story.

Child is obviously a product of typical stupid, permissive dumbass Amerikan parents.  A future school shooter in embryo.  I have no sympathy.  Of course they blame the victim here - the teacher.  Typical socialiste reaction.  It takes a lot to set off a kindergarten teacher in that manner.  

She was trying to save the boy, people! - to show that screwball, ghetto behavior that lacks consideration for other people wins you no friends and gains you nothing but enemies.  I should know, of course. Do ya really think those kids, at that juvenile age, were just playing along when they all chanted in unison their revulsion for our erstwhile five year old victim?

Ya know, worse things were told to me by my teachers when I was young.  I'm still alive, though - I tarried through.  It made me a better person.  Shit, their tough love probably saved me from a life of crime and destitution (that us, more destitution than I currently experience).  

I just wish corporal punishment was still used in schools.  Spare the rod, spoil the child.  Children are amoral beings - nobody comes into the world with right and wrong writ in their hearts.  They must learn it from caregivers.  If they don't, they become sociopaths. Care to understand now why our prisons are filled to overflowing with the dregs and scum of the human race?  No one taught them that there is right and there is wrong.  They developed what naturally occurs in that void - wanton thuggery, an extreme sense of narcissism and entitlement, where the first thing in order is having one's dick serviced - and slaughtering anyone who gets in the way of that pursuit.

Et tu, Bush?