29 May 2008

Bippin' down to Brazil

Managed to finally acquire a long desired copy of the legendary sci-fi epic Brazil this weekend. Watched it on my laptop computer (don't ask). Despite the digital lag (stupid technology) was able to view it from beginning to end. What do I now have to say about this?

As the rappers say: Dat was the truest shit I ever saw.

Working for a GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACY myself in a GOVERNMENT JOB, I can say with much aplomb that Brazil is a deadly (pun intended) accurate reflection of a totalitarian bureaucracy at work. I have even had to personally deal with ridiculous inanity regarding a check - not exactly the situation as in the film, but seemingly close to it. In many ways, I am Sam Lowry.

If you haven't seen this film then by all means make time for it. You will be enlightened. I am guessing no one at the White House would be happy about this. All the more reason to do this, kemosabe.

Brazil has catapulted itself into my personal top ten. I have searched forever for this film and now having seen it, it did not disappoint. I will have to watch it several times to truly catch all the references therein.

See Spielberg, if you weren't such a dumbass you would be making films like this.

Against my better judgment I will go and see Crystal Skull this weekend and compare and contrast. This will, of course, be expounded upon in a post in the very near future.