17 May 2008

Malarkey in film

I am almost done writing. Whew, that was something.

We are soon to be subjected to the latest Indiana Jones sequel, which is being sprung on an unsuspecting public, 19 years after the last film was released. So what's my beef with that? Plenty.

First off I have to say that Harrison Ford is a little long in the tooth to be playing an action hero (he is 65 as of 2008). Secondly I don't see the point of reviving a long dead cinematic franchise except as a brazen attempt to make money. Thirdly, while homages to 1930s action films are kind of cool, somehow I don't think Spielberg has the same kind of creative tenor that he possessed in the 1980s; I get the feeling that this film will turn out to be a disappointing dud.

What is from the eighties should stay dead and buried, in the eighties.

The only positive that I can see from this sequel is that the character of Marion Ravenwood is supposed to be returning. I always wondered what happened to Karen Allen. She was an attractive and appealing leading lady who would have been an excellent screwball comedy actress had she been making films in the thirties instead of the late seventies/early eighties. 'Tis a shame she hasn't been heard from in years.

Besides, what's an Indiana Jones film without Nazis? The villains were the coolest part of the original films.

The temptation to see this film, like the rest of the sheeple will go ahead and do, will be very great...will...have...to...resist...must...not...risk...disappointment.