15 May 2008

Jungle drums

(Taking a brief break from fiction to catch up on current events)

Commenting on the never-ending presidential campaign, which is something I have to do at least occasionally (lest my blogger cred be shredded to pieces)...

McMurder's a dud and Hitlery is out of gas. We had our chance this year to elect a real leader but you assholes blew it. Nice going, people. See you in hell.

So it looks increasingly like America will get its first Black president in 2008.

I don't expect a huge increase in living standards for the ghetto dwellers, or ecstasy and liberation for poor Black folk everywhere. Can't see how the POTUS can be so superhuman as to affect the broad swope of the economy and society.

But I do expect that Blacks will benefit in some ways, and not in the best ways either - more makework GOVERNMENT JOBS given to undeserving and incompetent folk. You know, welfare to work (not really, but dat'z what it is).

Like any big city government out there which 'serves' a majority-minority populace. Happens all the time.

Would I, as a White man, feel comfortable in a Black run America? I can't say for sure, but the fact is that the worst of the people from any racial or ethnic group gravitate to public office, Blacks included.

Black politicians for the most part do seem to have a talent for turning gold into shit.

Ask "Chocolate City" Ray Nagin....or Kwame "The Buck (stops here)" Kilpatrick...or Frank Melton...

I hear the jungle drums....and they are a'comin' this way.

I wonder if heaven has a ghetto? We'll soon find out, just like 2Pac did.