09 May 2008

I hate being right all the time

Well, my social event of Thursday has passed and the jury has reached a verdict.

I am a complete failure at socializing, and I will likely never see this young lady again.

She didn't say this in so many words, but of course she came to realize over the course of an hour what a sick and mentally deformed freak she was dealing with here.

She was a nice person, and I enjoyed conversing with her. I can't say that I would have gone head over heels for her, but she would have been a good friend to have - and I can assure you that every friend to me is precious, since I have so few (actually, none).

But dat's life at the bottom of the totem pole of human quality, eh? When you're a loser, and you remain one for so long, it becomes too ingrained in your habits and character. No amount of farce and fancy can ever hope to overcome that fact. The only real cure is lobotomization, and that's one of those things where the remedy is worse than the disease.

So again I live up to my renowned reputation as depraved and disgusting white trash. That is how I came into this world, and barring some miracle I suppose that is how I shall leave it.