30 April 2008

Dumbass nation

The world is populated by dumbasses.

I am reading in the paper right now about how hard pressed folks in this ghetto economy are turning to desperation tactics to sell their possessions online - even things like family heirlooms, which have subjective value, really - to raise hard cash so they can pay their bills.

I sympathize in a way - lots of people are suffering thanx to the Greenspan recession; but in another way I do not. These people have lots of "stuff." When times were good they blew their cash like village idiots in a mad rush to acquire as much "stuff" as possible.

You know, can't be like those Blacks, who have no stuff, and therefore are nobodies in this hedonistic age where having stuff confers status - as opposed to things like, say, moral character or economic productivity.

People are stupid.

Formerly rich White folks are selling their Hermes scarfs and such high end crap now that the good times are gone. I have no sympathy there. These stuck up assholes are getting what they deserve. You wanted to live like Carrie Bradshaw, as if such a life was actually possible outside of fiction and the closed world of the elite, and you reached the logical end of this line - broke, destitute, and morally bankrupt.

Poetic justice may really exist in this world.