29 April 2008

Barely contained madness

We who live in this machine age are likely to believe that we live at the end of history, the apotheosis of civilization, the highest reach of human development.

Or is this the case?

Underneath the pretty facade of clean and sleek efficiency lies a core of moral and spiritual dry rot. That woman next door with the perfect 13,000 square foot house with a three car garage and 3.2 kids is likely a closeted alcoholic. Or maybe she's addicted to prescription drugs. And certainly her husband's been balling his lady co-worker for five years now, and maybe she knows about it, maybe not.

And no question their perfect life was bought and paid for with mountains of debt - student loans, car loans, mortgage (for a house which is now worth less than what was paid for it), credit card debt - need I add more? No savings, but debts up to their eyeballs. Ever conceive that one day it will all have to be paid back somehow? Guess not.

Why do White people always do this? They think that to be happy, they must be White - that is, affluent, stuck up, morally empty. "Yes, we have it all, even if we really don't since we borrowed for everything - that'll show that we're better than those ghetto Blacks."

I mean, come on. Does a family need a McMansion and a Hummer to be happy? Everyone with half a brain should really know by now that material possessions don't bring happiness. To an extent they do (no one likes to say they ain't got shit), but there comes a point where enough is enough, where you have what you really need and adding more stuff would be overkill.

(Someone really needs to tell my parents that.)

The major fear that most White people have in America is to be poor. They believe that every generation must be richer than the last. After all, that is the American way! But not only that - they fear poverty which would bring them down to the level of the ghetto Black. (We can't have that! We can't be associated with "those people"!) This is what fundamentally drives the economic madness that is conspicuous consumption. "We can't be like those people, who have less - they live like animals. They don't even have Internet access." Fear of the other - racism - fascism.

Oh how materialistic and vain modern day Amerikans are.

I have no such fear. I live among Blacks. I am the only White inhabitant of my neighborhood. That makes me corrupted in the eyes of fellow Whites, I suppose. Guess what, though? Most Black folks are reasonable people just trying to survive. I haven't been shot at or even cussed at in all the years I've lived here.

Every race has its bad apples, Whites included. Visit your local trailer park if you don't believe me.

And in service to the parade of wealth we permit the existence of an Imperial government which slaughters and rapes at will, so that the elites may be enriched to the greatest extent, at the expense of the rest of us.

When a concentration camp where people are tortured without benefit of the law becomes the butt of a joke, it means that morality in today's Amerika is dead. Bread and circuses, everyone.

The terrorists have won; they have made us like them - morally dead.

The social facade is one of barely contained madness. We cover our real natures by acting 'civilized' - that is, "cool and calm" behavior that does not rise to the level of violence and/or narcissism that it begins to harm great numbers of people at one time.

But as in Issac Hayes' immortal words, "that was just a sham."

Given the opportunity there are very few of us today who would resist indulging in humanity's basest instincts. The era of the total State has enabled such behavior grandly. Rape, torture, murder - many if not most Amerikans are up to it today. They don't mind when it's committed overseas in their names, after all, in places most of them couldn't find on a map to save their lives, so they must endorse these practices. After all, they cannot help it, it is their duty! Save Amerika from the terrorist threat!

(If you caught the Mortal Storm reference you are a true patriot, and a perceptive film buff.)

The true terrorists, for lack of a better expression, are ourselves.

I'm tired of bitching. I'm going to watch more classic TPiR now, images from a simpler era, and watch Bob Barker make people genuinely happy to win a fortune in fabulous prizes, as Johnny O used to say (and he said it so well).