30 March 2008

Gone fishing.....

My curiosity overwhelming my better judgment, I journeyed out today to redneck land (a neighboring parish) to explore the all new Bass Pro store that everyone has been hailing as a milestone for our region's economic development:

The parking lot was packed with literally hundreds of pickup trucks (not seen here). Never a good sign.

My first reaction when once inside: "Holy mackerel":

This picture does not do justice to the size of this place. This is like a Wal-Mart for outdoorsmen. Cabela's has nothing on this interior decor here.

Of course, no outdoors superstore in exurban Red America can do without the requisite NASCAR exhibit:

And of course, no place of this sort would be complete without CAMO!!

Yes, this place is a sportsman's wet dream. But not being so inclined to revel in the orgy of outfitter products, I quickly high tailed it out of this place back toward the familiar environs of the center city.

Is this a good thing for our region? Undoubtedly, if you love to hunt or fish, or if you managed to snag one of the few hundred jobs a place like this generates. Otherwise, it just seems like another temptation for people to spend their money on things they don't really need.

Only in America could retail be this comprehensive and over the top all at once.