30 March 2008

Bippin' on down to the Cap! (with a fascism retrospective)

Given that there is virtually nothing else to do on a Sunday in this city except watch TV or go to the mall (both of which get very boring very rapidly), I decided to bip on down to the State Cap for a spell....

The Legislature commences its regular session tomorrow, and the halls and chambers have been readied to accommodate our infallible and hardworking solons:

In that vein, the ghosts of fascists and politicians (or do I repeat myself?) past loom (and I do mean loom) heavily throughout this grand and historic edifice, testament to the glory of the State. There are even exhibits and memorials dedicated to those brave and glorious public servants who were cut down due to the hand of those narrow-minded traditionalists who would dare to stop them from conducting their important work on behalf of all the people:

See, they even preserve the evidence (lo, a bullet hole) to shock us citizens with the brazenness of it all:

Sic semper tyrannus.

On the Capitol grounds we find more memorials to the greatness of our state's most visionary leader, he who was the greatest wielder and expander of State power in its history:

Here is the Leader inspiring the downtrodden people of our state with his uplifting demagoguery:

And here is the Leader demonstrating his magnanimity by bestowing "free" (as in taxpayer purchased) school textbooks to the state's needy children:

Look at the people, how their pathetic and dark lives are brightened by State action. How inspiring!

Stalin and Mao would be proud.

The Capitol grounds are pretty in the spring:

If state government could operate as efficiently as these grounds are maintained, we would not be discussing the proper role of State power. But maintaining gardens and park spaces are easy-cheesy-lemon squeezy compared to attempting to manage and regulate the lives of several million people.

Oh well, give the government more money! That should take care of the problem!

Actually, no. Socialism is doomed to fail, no matter how much the State tries to convince us otherwise through self-glorification and deifying the fascist demagogues (and lesser luminaries) which it produces.

The only thing the State can apparently do properly is maintain shrubbery and lawns around the most prominent public buildings. In all my years, this is the only thing I have seen it perform competently on occasion.

Maybe we should nationalize the lawn care industry. Just kidding.