09 July 2009

Celebrate fascism!

What passes for the mainstream media these days is a joke. The microscopic intelligences of the so called "journalists" that pass for media professionals is in such evidence daily as their trends of thought only follow those insipid, well trod ends that in all inevitability support the State as lord and master. The media is to a man (save the brave John Stossel) in favor of the police state, of government control, of our Leaders imposing random terror upon the populace, of manipulation of the economy to favor the few at the expense of the many (though it is sold otherwise).

Witness the average evening "breaking" newscast. Virtually every item involves some State depredation or another. The news is filled with stories of the destruction of lives, careers, livelihoods by State mercenaries. The foolish, braindead "reporters" all along simply cheer for the State, favoring the edict and the pronouncement of the bureaucrat over the real hardship of the powerless.

A certain top rated network affiliate in this city is an especially egregious offender in this regard. It is an open secret that the popularity of its newscast is due to its intense focus on the community's "war" against the criminal element. The news staff seems to obtain a sort of orgiastic wish fulfillment through the participation in the destruction of other peoples' lives. They offer generous amounts of airtime to chronicling and otherwise extolling the "good works" of the police, the bureaucratic authorities, and other thugs with badges who predate on those who harm no one, but have run afoul of one of the State's numerous traps and dragnets. All along, the entire business only produces positive benefits for the careers of the talentless half wits - almost to a person, all young, barely educated, and ready at a moment's notice to catch the next train to the next biggest market when it departs - who comprise what the station laughingly considers journalists. Imagine what can be said for the guiding minds, unseen behind the cameras for the most part, who operate this sordid show.

To-night, this station's evening newscast had a lengthy special feature entirely devoted to the work of the police in rounding up perpetrators of victimless "crimes." The reporter, always at the ready with "story ideas" made a big show of humiliating these hapless dregs of the underclass before the television cameras. It is the bread and circuses of our age, the celebration of a clawing fascism, the kind which is smug and self satisfied in passing a crude and unrelenting judgment upon those powerless nonentities at the bottom for which degradation and despair is simply a byproduct of their "natural" tendencies.

Oh how the elites would tremble if the thugs with shields would break their skulls about as the ghetto refuse experience daily. But the State power is aware that it must not become too rapacious lest those who matter become offended.

The journalistic inclination toward the State always manifests itself naked and perverse; we do not see because many, too, are wont to wax insipid at the sight of a badge and State power. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, of course; the State receives good press while eager sources in government bureaucracies make life easy for lazy journalists who would rather not bother with such details as investigation or checking one's facts.

But such an outcome is written. Indeed, when most journalism students claim that their reasons for entering the profession is to "make the world a better place", then you know they are fresh duds for the hook line and sinker of fatal fascism. 

And indeed, it is always fatal, as we are soon to discover once again.

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