02 May 2009


Faint, half-serious whispers of secession are in the air as the latest crisis unfolds. I would suggest that these "unreasonable" ideas be accorded greater respect that they currently elicit.

A nation the size of the Untied States of Amerika (sic) is far too large to function effectively under one large, bloated, omnipotent and incompetent governing authority. Events of these latter years have demonstrated this beyond a doubt. Everywhere people chafe under the rule of an arrogant, imperial central authority laid in a distant Parasite City.

History has shown that all empires collapse of their own size. Mega-empires and their dramatic scale can only breed inefficiencies and lead to cascading levels of failure in all walks of society.

Do the folks of the Gulf South have anything in common - culturally, politically, or otherwise - with the inhabitants of the effete Northeastern Yankee enclave, or the smug dickhead dominated Pacific Northwest, or the decayed welfarist reservation of the Rust Belt, or the barbarous and crime/drug flooded Left Coast, or even the mongrelized chaos of the southern Floridian cultural mixing bowl?

Indeed, do the common folk even have anything in common with their near neighbors in the gated subdivisions of privilege who look down upon them like so many human "commodities", fit only as test subjects for their grand social "experiments" backed by State guns?

Have we consented to live with these others, sharing the same government which time after time has been twisted to the ends of the elites and those others with claims on the public trough, to inflict schemes of various sorts which the common folk want no part of?

No consent was given. Birthright "citizenship" does not confer this consent.

Indeed, secession is our right as free individuals.

In fact, allow secession to be carried to its logical conclusion. Let State organizations exist only when there is the consent of all individuals involved. Majority rule be damned. I doubt, given the choice, that the view of the many will be to seek State "protection."

Secession should be carried to its fullest extent - the individual, in free control of his own mind and body, in rule of himself and himself alone.

Let governments fall and freedom reign.

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