06 May 2009

No more "E" Guarantee

The "E" Guarantee is no more!

Personal injury lawyer and local teevee advertising celebrity E. Eric Guirard has been disbarred by the state supreme court for "conflicts of interest, failure to supervise their non-lawyer staff, impermissible fee sharing with non-lawyers, and facilitation of the unauthorized practice of law."

Gotta love the legal licensing bureaucrats and their exclusionary ways. In the age of State supremacy, the dictators of licensure and qualification can deny a person their livelihood if they deem fit to do so. Who knows what 'crimes' Mr. "E" and his law partner committed to earn their ire. Suffice it to say that if you don't conform to the bureaucrats' whims, they can destroy you utterly.

If real crimes were committed, the market would have responded...by evaporating the business of the purveyors of the "E" guarantee, and transferring it to other legal counselors who play legitimately. Don't think that losing business was ever an issue for them, though. Some crimes, eh?

Of course I can't shed too many tears for the legal profession overall. They desired this set-up to make their profession "exclusionary" and thus closed to all but a privileged, well compensated elite. You reap what you sow.

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