04 April 2009

New world order

There are two classes of people in to-day's society: the controllers and the drones.

The controllers lead interesting lives (or what is largely regarded as interesting), attend all the events, wear fashionable clothing, are never seen without a wine glass in their hands, and seemingly have nothing but friends, colleagues, and "contacts" everywhere they go. They are the dickhead glitterati elite that are permitted to live something approaching rich and full lives.

Not so for the rest of us, the drone and worker bees. We are expected to show up to our Corporate Amerika jobs every morning, labor unceasingly for little pay and absolutely no recognition at jobs which provide nothing of moral and spiritual value to society, and then are expected to go home, be satisfied by the bare crumbs which our Controllers have generously provided us, and SHUT THE HELL UP.

Our free time grows bare and fallow with the wasted empty hours, forced into seclusion and immobility by lack of friends, acquaintances, and anyone else with something in common.

For there may be those with common interests out there. But we are never to meet them. Any unauthorized contact means the certain attention of the authorities, which leads to an assured experience at the wrong end of a Taser.

Like cattle we serve as a soulless, deracinated inexpensive drone workforce for the ten percent who make the decisions and wield the levers of power.

Only through a bloody revolution of the masses can the order be inverted and the chokehold of the elite classes, privileged by birth, be overturned so that everyone may have equal shot at the brass ring.

In a meritocracy, those who fail output the least effort. Privilege is doled out by ability and talent, as opposed to connections and how "hip" you are.

It is time for a new world order of our own making.

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