08 April 2009

Masters of sloth

It seems that everywhere one goes, you can never find nary a bad word about the concept of vacation. In fact, the general consensus seems to be that Amerikans need a lot more of it. We are allegedly "backward" when compared to the "progressive" Europeeans and their mandatory, State-enforced month-long (or more) periods of rest.

What a load of hogwash. Allow some dissent from this tack, if you will:

Humans are fundamentally lazy. And Amerikans in par-ticular excel at sloth and indolence par excellence. It boggles the mind how much waste, incompetence, and slacking goes on in concealed locations, behind the backs of managers and the entrepeneurs who make employment available to the many through their extraordinary risk taking. It makes one understand how major corporations can go through round after round of layoffs, but still never find enough fat to trim.

Vacation and rest is the last thing society needs. There is simply too much to be done - so much work is needed to rebuild our destroyed civilization. Sloth is a non-starter here.

And what brings meaning to life better than work? Work should always be the center of a person's life. A person's work is their legacy to the ages, the contribution of the present generation toward the comforts and securities of their descendants. It may not matter that the work be boring and tedious. If you are unhappy with your work, find another job. But don't take it out on the rest of us and up and loaf upon the rest of our efforts.

The more one works, the more one leaves as a benefit to future generations. Moral societies are future oriented, concerned with the welfare of their children. Immoral societies are present consumption oriented, slated for the bottomless pits of nihilism and chaos.

Those that recreate leave work behind that others must accomplish in their stead. Responsibilities are shirked so that present pleasure seeking may be indulged upon. This is a form of parasitism, much resented and rightly so.

I would encourage all to work 12, 14 hour days if possible - not doing something meaningless, but actually contributing something of merit to the world. Start a business. Invent a contraption. Blog and educate the masses on our society's wickedness.

You will ultimately find more meaning in life's work than any human relationship could ever provide. For relationships are fleeting and ultimately impermanent. But the concrete results of invention or investment may live for the ages and enrich millions.

And there is only so much time in the limited human lifespan to accomplish these things!

So you want to go on vacation? Bah. Waste of your time, money, and opportunity costs. Save your money for a rainy day and spare the extravagances for retirement, if you live that long.

Because even if you slave the rest of your life without "enjoying" the fruits of your labor, this is far more moral than frittering your wealth on meaningless material things.

And you will die knowing that you are a better person than your fellow simpletons.

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