01 April 2009

Hoax day

April 1 is the day on which society celebrates and perpetuates hoaxes, tricks, lies, and scams.

Oh, if hoaxes and lies were only restricted to this single day. But alas our world has been shaped by the worst of hoaxes, massive frauds against truth which portend to swallow us whole into the inferno of immolation. The hoax of the moment is an old one, but lethally dangerous for our survival, the results of which we currently witness around us as our broken society collapses upon our heads.

That hoax is fiat currency.

A "store of value" backed by a zero, a valueless and worthless nonentity of nothingness, save a feeble, empty, and ultimately false promise by our Caesars to "protect and honor" those debts incurred by legal tender.

And yet this comprises the fundamental basis of our economy.

Fiat currency is the debauched "money" of a debauched age. It is the currency of a society where the predation of man upon one's fellow man is considered normal, moral, and even smart. Whatever "wealth" it comprises is a fiction, a fantasy, prone to dissolution and evaporation in an instant out of the ether of digits from whence it came, once the hoax of the fiat currency's "stability" and "value" are exposed for the lies they are.

It leads straight into the abyss of starvation, famine, and mass death.

Without a currency which serves as a store of value, such as gold and other precious metals, there is no capital accumulation. Without capital accumulation, society may as well return to the age of sticks and stones.

It is easy, indeed, to convince the sheeple to accept wholeheartedly this fantasy world of finance, given that the natural tendency of man is to loot his brother as opposed to making his own way in the world. But when the biggest lie of all is accepted hook, line, and sinker by the majority, the powerful find that anything is possible, thus bringing their greatest elite delusions to life (at least so far as the jig can be sustained).

What is that greatest lie?

The resurrection of Christ.

For the evidence is overwhelming that He died two thousand years ago, but a conspiracy of the powerful and deluded insist that his ghost remains around us, to offer us "eternal life" after an existence of economic rape, physical drudgery, and moral bankruptcy.

Only when we accept that HE IS DEAD and in his grave, can we commence the process toward picking up the pieces of what is left in civilization's smoldering and ashen remains.

For when the greatest lies are exploded, we go a great way to reducing
tolerance for the lesser lies around us.

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