10 March 2009

The dickhead's world

Something disturbing this way comes, again, as the banksters and their allied elites conspire to game the system in order to further perfect the suction of wealth out of your pocket and into their greasy dainty hands.

I will let the illustrious Karen DeCoster speak here, in words far more eloquent than I could provide:

The really infuriating part of the credit card problem is that the people who were responsible with their cards, and remain responsible, are getting screwed by an algorithm. The upcoming blow-up, as I've been predicting, is people getting slammed on their credit scores. Good people, that is. The banks - especially American Express - are cutting back credit lines to minimize risk, thus some peoples' cards are made to look like they are "maximized" and that leads to some pretty large hits to credit scores. Even people with a zero balance receive a negative hit from a reduced credit line.

I watched a news investigation on how American Express was managing risk: a guy with a credit score in the high 700s and an immmaculate payment history was massively dinged on his credit limit because he made a few purchases during the course of a month at a few places (like Applebee's, etc.) that were singled out for being the kind of places that, in the past, were frequented by people who proved to be bad risks and/or defaulters. Another guy whose accounts were limited or closed had a letter sent to him from American Express stating the reasons why he was singled out:

"Our credit experience with customers who have made purchases at establishments where you have recently used your card."

"Our analysis of the credit risk associated with customers who have residential loans from the creditor(s) indicated in your credit report."

Americans are already buried 'neath this massive mess created by government and they are powerless to change their misfortune - they are losing their jobs, homes, cars, and the ability to function as free citizens in their daily lives. So now, as if everything isn't tough enough, at a time when credit scores will become more important than ever, people will be zapped on their credit scores, making it more difficult for them to rent a home, get a loan, or even get a job because employers are looking at credit scores as a gauge of character. The credit scoring system is so rigged and so unscrupulous, and now the mistakes on the part of big government and big banks are going to cascade down to ordinary people, making their lives even more difficult and discouraging. And all the government can do is take more of our money, bail out more fat cats, and pit neighbor against neighbor by promising a select few Americans a possible resolution for keeping their homes for a few months longer.

Is it getting any clearer now? Are you listening, folks?

If it was only deadbeats getting screwed, I would have no problem. Serves them right. But as always, the responsible are "asked" to subsidize the failures and shortfalls of the perpetual loser class.

The next thing you'll see is credit companies closing lightly used accounts, even for those customers which have paid on time and in full for decades. Ostensibly it will be done to "minimize exposure", in the words of dickheadese that financial "professionals" so duly favor.

But that's the rub. The credit companies don't make profits off of folks who pay on time. If you pay in full monthly while the grace period is in effect, the credit companies get nothing from you. (That's the only moral method to deal with these companies, in my opinion - essentially use their "products" as a charge card.) The financial conglomerates' profits derive from finance charges - aka "stupidity fees" - indeed, income deriving from those very customers who don't pay on time, who carry balances from month to month, and who maximize their credit limits.

The dickhead life equation only runs one way: suck my dick with no recompense. They have no use for those who play by the rules. The life of ease and no work derives from being in a position of power to profit from the mistakes and stupidity of others.

The world of dickheads falls into three camps:

Us - fellow creatures of privilege who inhabit the same wine tasting circuit
Them - the working folks, "nobodies" who "don't matter", usually those who work under dickheads
Customers - the blame fools who dickheads see as "profit opportunities" and who are dumb enough to be caught in their web of lies and deceit

My, my, I will have to update my dickhead glossary. So many terms here I neglected to add the first time around.

Dickhead behavior varies according to the world being interacted with:

Us - intense discussion of sports, drunken carousing, alcoholic beverages, binging, sexual perversion, and loose morality all around
Them - "Could you help us out with this project? But we can't pay you or provide you direct benefits for your efforts until we say so [fingers crossed behind back]. If you would do this for us, that would be great." (Classic dickhead closing line there.)
Customers - "This Windows Vista tutorial is additional with this $900 laptop, and costs an extra $79.99. We'll throw in a Internet Explorer 7.0 tutorial pack for free - it's an incredible value, a 15% discount! Also, we offer a one-year extended warranty for an additional $150."

(Note that virtually everyone can learn how to use of Windows or IE 7.0 with a few concentrated minutes of use. And virtually all warranties serve primarily as profit padders for retailers.)

It is a cold, mercenary world based around unearned profit, privilege, and how much one can extort without effort from one's fellow man.

To live at a higher economic level than one is entitled by one's efforts generally means that somewhere, the profits of others are being diverted to a subsidy train. 

The train ends now. The tracks ahead have been washed out by the economic tsunami. The all night carousing of the privileged glittering class stops now.

It must, if we are to restore moral sanity to our world.

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