13 March 2009

The dickhead must die

Dickhead Emeritus Jim "Mad Money" Cramer finally gets PONGED!!!

Witness this heroic shellacking of our favorite financial media douchebag by the patriot Jon Stewart, and the dickhead's lame rebuttal!!

Yes, dickheads such as Cramer exist for the sole purpose of transferring wealth from the numbchucks (as they are considered) in the heartland into the overstuffed pockets of fatcat high-finanz playerz on the Street and their elite power broker friends, hangers-on, and other assorted shady characters. Morons such as our Mad Money friend are no more than media shills for the perpetual bull market, the fantasy of a thousand starry-eyed fiat currency regime cheerleaders and other moral freeloaders.  

With their perpetual expense accounts and protection within a cocoon of a life of privilege and power, their world experience is far removed from the real world of the working man, the existence of living hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck, at jobs which demand much and reward little. The humdrum, grim existence of the everyman, struggling to pay his bills to stave off starvation, is a distant consideration to those who need never fear want, lack of plenty, or scarcity.

But as Mr. Stewart implies, dickhead Cramer is but a fleeting symbol of the Regime which bonds us in gilded shackles. The media (financial and otherwise) merely functions as quarterback for a shadowy coterie of dark forces in high places, those who make the ultimate decisions which make or break (usually break) millions of people - serpent-like figures for which the lethality of their decisions never fall back in the way of consequences for themselves, protected in their elite "untouchable" positions where privilege and power are essentially hereditary.

The elites tell us to invest, and so the Amerikan sheeple comply. And then their savings and pensions evaporate into the pockets of the privileged, and then capitalism is blamed, so as to justify further public intervention which quietly serves to secure the position of the elites even further.

As Stewart says, finance is not a fucking game. Dickheads such as Cramer make it a game in order to pull the wool over the eyes of the economic illiterates in the auto-on-blocks set. And with the game of bread and circuses, our freedoms shink and we are further tethered to the dark forces of false prosperity who preach the eternal gospel of obtaining something for nothing.

Liars, liars, the dickheads all are. Their philosophy is that of lies and deceit, drawing people into the shell game, stripping them blind, then leaving them broken and destitute. In this manner they feed off the productive like scavenging carrion.

The dickheadery is indeed the scavenging class of the economy. Producing no wealth, consuming and borrowing to maintain their over-privileged quality of life, they merely wring their hands and speak of "unfortunate consequences" whenever their nefarious schemes inevitably blow up in their faces. But as always, the dickhead suffers no ill effects - it is the working man who sustains the twin blows of economic desolation and material starvation.

When will it be seen that the dickheadery is a pox on all our houses, a cancerous leech that must be extricated from the withering carcass of the economy if we are to thrive?

Only when this nation retools its work into productive ends will there be salvation. Until this occurs, desolation by the pretty boyz in suits is our perpetual fate as the looted class.

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