24 March 2009

An anniversary rant

Guess what? This blog officially turns one year old to-day!

One whole year. Whew, didn't think I'd stick with this sort of thing for this long at all. It's unusual for me to effect any lasting change in my existence beyond the spur of the moment. (Yeah, I'm sure you've heard that out of many a loser's mouth before.) Such is the story of my life - a wasteland of half-hearted fits and starts to improve, but always failure and missed opportunities.

But blogging has been fruitful overall. There have been some highs, and far more lows, some ups and many more downs, but the pursuit has been worthwhile for the most part. I can only hope that my feeble scribblings here have barely managed to raise these pages above the loathed status of "look at me, I'm a self-absorbed narcissist who wants attention!" Likely not, but then such is life.

And to mark the occasion, in true Urban Prairie blog tradition, how about another rant steeped in blood and gore to brighten the day! Because certainly, you don't actually expect The One and his friends in power to give y'all any hard truths, eh??


Longer the dickhead's reach plays as the rampaging forces of pull assert their presence in our lives and on the international scene. The image one conjures up in one's mind is of rats scurrying from a fast sinking ship, engaging in every last mental gymnastic to avoid an assured painful and bloody (and justly deserved) demise, all ultimately futile as the vessel sinks into the blackness of the abyss, with no possible escape.

The fundamental reality that all in power (and quite a number out of power) wish to delude themselves into avoiding is that this nation is a failed state - financially broke, economically desolated, demographically wasted. The false mendacity of the paper pushing and sprawl-building economy has been exposed for the unproductive bankruptcy which it always was. The financial strength of the world's once most powerful country was frittered away by its unworthy and morally dissolute inheritors, all to purchase a life of glamour, ease, and comfort with its mansions in the Hamptons, caviar, tailored suits, and $800 Botox injections. The Amerikan sheeple, once the envy of the world, have abandoned any morality which they may have once possessed to pursue the counterfeit lure of subsidy, and thus in the process have become the most narcissistic, entitled, disgusting, repugnant, and intellectually bankrupt vermin on the face of the planet.

Once the lie which underlies all of our modern subsidy-world is revealed, it can never be re-established with any measure of conviction. The present chaos is the product of the process by which the lie is fully exploded for all to openly witness. When the curtain is fully drawn, it will reveal an emperor with no clothes - a currency with no backing, valueless, ultimately nothing more than the worthless pieces of paper upon which it is printed. And then with that realization will come the great bloodletting of moral and physical chaos, as a bovine and bedraggled race of semi-humans scrambles for one last grasp of any morsel of value before all are swallowed up in the deluge that culminates in Mass Grave Amerika.

The few survivors, if any, will look forward to lives which are infinitely worse that anything the poorest African peasant has to face - subsistence (or worse) living conditions, but with the caveat that all which was borrowed in the great letting shall be repaid in full. Indeed, twenty generations in brutal slavery (and I mean just that, in the antebellum definition of the word) shall pass before Amerika the wicked is absolved of its obligations, and then left to die on the vine, a fate richly deserved.

Future generations will come to visit the mass cemetery at the midsection of the North American continent and gape in awe at the wretched extents to which the banality and sickness of humanity can sink. It can only be hoped that what remains of the destruction of a once-proud civilization will be sufficient warning to our descendants to order their lives in the proper manner and declare, Never Again.

But we are far from that desirable day, when human nature is deemed to be man's greatest threat, and the sick shilling for subsidy is seen as the high civilization destroying crime which, unchecked as it grows to-day, it has come to be for us. Staring us directly in the face are the horsemen of the apocalypse - starvation, misery, disease, destruction, and mass death.

Your plans for the future should not anticipate, dickhead-like, any "successes" in your "career" or your "love life." Man will soon be judged by his basic utility to society above all else, courtesy of his "betters." Anyone not measuring up to the elite's "standards" will be shot. The dickhead's dream will come true. It is only what will be deemed fair by our solons when there are 300 million Amerikans, but sufficient food supplies for only about 50 million or so of this number.

You can be certain, when this sad day comes, than no fatcat dickhead in high power or any one of his "contacts" will have to endure this process, much less reduce their own vast caloric consumption and their parasitical weight on the frame of a tattered socioeconomic framework.

But even this will fail, as the dickheadery knows nothing but consumption, and consumption ultimately amounts to a zero. As the last of the "traitors" are lined up and shot by Our Leaders, the dying convulsions of the USSA will finally erase from existence those parasites who feed on its teat for comfort and sustenance.

And then there will be nothing left to Amerika but a pile of bleached bones and rotting corpses.

Good riddance.

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