07 February 2009

Today's sojourn

...took us through three parishes covering about 100 miles.

Nothing special, really - mostly roads previously travelled.

Some highlights:

After 30 years of bureaucratic dillydallying by DOTD, LA 16 is finally four lanes from Denham Springs up to Watson! Here we see how it spreads the blight of rural sprawl ever further afield.

A side trip was made to explore the mysterious and pointless dead end state route, LA 1020:

The road ends unceremoniously thus:

Such a waste of state highway mileage.

We traced LA 63 along its weird aligment, spying this oddity along the way:

A "76" ball! Rare in Louisiana, but common on the West Coast, I hear.

We continue along LA 63, finishing our trip in the town of Clinton:

Lovely downtown Clinton.

The historic antebellum East Feliciana Parish courthouse.

Lawyer's Row, an antebellum office building, for lack of a better term. Used to house legal offices (obviously) in antebellum times.

All in all, a needed excursion from the confines of the apartment.

And finally, just for laughs:

Captured on Coronation Day, the new Leader addresses his sheeple flock as he assumes the purple.

Do you remember anything said in that "inspiring" speech? Me neither.

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