28 February 2009

The peasants are getting restless

The late Carnival season has now passed, thankfully. And despite the debauchery and sickness that permeates said celebration, it also confirmed to me that many of the "folks" here in the heartland are not so ignorant after all.

The parades here are known for their political satire, and no less this year. And wouldn't you know, Nature Boy's "stimulus" and giveaways to banksters came in for a lot of flack this annum.

They don't call it "Buy Yeaux Bailout" for nothing.

Just goes to show you that the almighty god-king stands on clay feet. The folks in the Southland - the working people who don't consume their quota of one gourmet latte a day - are more than aware that their emperor has no clothes, that he is an agent of the banksters, the dickheads, and all the other elite classes who breathe only to preserve their privilege.

Power can only hold so far as the masses permit the powerful to rule. When this implicit support ceases, revolution is at hand.

By all means, let the revolution occur sooner rather than later!

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