19 February 2009

Parasite City, part deux

To-nite we continue our tour of the Imperial capital as we approach the tabernacle of our exhalted lawgivers:

We approach the sacred precinct, penetrating the rings of Praetorian gatekeepers.

The general intent is to overwhelm the peon with the aura of power, as the marble majesty comes to dominate the view.

Our hardworking solons are out to lunch to-day. How fitting.

The view from the marble steps of the Legislative Hall is expansive.

The portico where Leaders are invested with their sceptre and orb.

A fitting commentary on our blighted age.

The temple to our Supreme Law-Interpreters stands nearby, looking much like the Roman ruin it is sure to become in the near future.

Bipping on down the Via Sacra, I sought to find amongst the temples the ancient law of laws upon which our system of government is based, that which has been discarded and abused throughout time.

Many others make the same pilgrimage, believing as they do in the words and deeds of our Founders.

The supreme law of the land, which the solons on high in the temple of lawgivers would do well to read carefully and to abide by its tenets.

Of course, that's like asking for snowfall in Hell.

Our tomfoolery is not completed for to-day. I bipped a few more blocks to visit the site of the assassination of that most exhalted of Imperators, that knave of knaves, the Butcher of Dixie:

Here the Leader was slain by the representative of those who chafed under his "enlightened" reign.

Fitting that the murder site was a repository of fantasy.

The sense of religious devotion to the god-king is palpable.

Lo, they have even preserved his death-site! The god-king lives on!

Couldn't resist. Dead retail is cool.

To his memory, a great temple was erected in the god-king's name, where they worship his massive likeness:

Like Zeus in the temple of the Hellenes, the almighty god-king sits for eternity on his perpetual throne of marble, surrounded by the symbolism of power, those objects of the Romans that gave their name to the authoritarian system under which we reside.

If you are a religious person and remember the commandment, "Thou shall make no false idols", then what say you to this?

The words of the Imperator are etched into the marble walls to be preserved for the ages.

If you don't think that much of Parasite City is given over to the glorification and worship of power, think again.

For the next installment, we discover Parasite City's finer edge.

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