24 February 2009

Dickheads' last gasp

To-day is that favorite holiday of the dickhead, Mardi Gras. The entirety of the productive population of the Southland, instead of using their talents to grow wealth, is busy as we speak making a major effort to become as inebriated and stupor-like as possible, in a mass flight into decadence and delusion. It is the last orgy before the gray rack of slaughter which is our justified fate for our national wickedness.

This is all in keeping with the dickhead holiday from reality. Alcohol and indulgence in pretense and fantasy are the hallmarks of this willing delusion. As events coalesce to render this miracle of history untenable, the dickheads will increasingly cling to their fantasy privileges of the easy life and a constant stream of pleasure. It will be a day of great clamor indeed when the life of ease can finally no longer be maintained, when the unpayable bills to finance the constant orgy come due.

Even as I write, the Imperator is preparing to deliver his speech to the masses which is fully in keeping with this world of privileged artifice. Nowhere will the need to make the hard choices and the requisite sacrifices be heard; nowhere will the realities of the situation we face be exposed. Instead a shuck and jive, counterfeit message worthy of Oprah, of "hang in there, we'll get through this, somehow" is the order of the day.

Of course, with the late Stimulus of Abominations and other piles of pork now in the pipeline and coming to a bureaucracy near you, the path to recovery has taken several giant leaps backward, despite any outright lies which our Leader feels compelled to share with us. Thanx, B.O.

Prepare the bloodied blade. Priceless. The era of lies, liars, and willing believers of lies rolls on, to terminate in the land of mausoleums.

And now Bailout Ben, that master of all things economic, is actually claiming that the recession will end this year! He also claims that nationalization of the banking industry is off the table. For now.

Give him a few months:

"The economic fundamentals have deteriorated to an unanticipated degree to the extent that we are obliged to reverse our previous policy and commence a limited conservatorship of the major financial institutions."

I made that quote up on the fly. But guess how likely it is that this statement will soon emanate from Bailout Ben's serpent like throat. I would bet on it. (It contains the hint of the tyranny to come, but obfuscated enough to fool the undiscerning sheeple.)



I was just waiting with anticipation for something like this to finally happen. You could see it coming from miles away.

Every year of late, murder has been the order of the day during the Carnival festivities in Chocolate City. It is yet another reason why I avoid that cesspool like a plague on the day before Ash Wednesday.

Another Mardi Gras, another parade route murder. The culture of death also rolls on.

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