22 December 2008

Greatest soap opera themes of all time

What better way to waste your evening by listening to some of classic daytime TV's greatest soap themes!!

I personally dislike most, if not all, daytime dramas (or at least all of those which are currently airing), but hey, let's face it: back in the era, before science fiction and fantasy storylines became prevalent, before every third plotline reference in vitro fertilization and lost siblings, there was some good storytelling here and there to be found.

And before bland syrupy pop theme syntheziser stock crap became the stuff of soap themes, there were decent opening title sequences to satisfy your viewing pleasure. This was in that brief decade or so window between the era of organ heavy sickness and the current age of interchangable Muzak.

So here they are! Daytime's five greatest soap themes, as provided by yours truly.

5) Love of Life, early 1970s

Never got the privilege of hearing this one firsthand, but it sure harks melodious.

4) (The) Guiding Light, 1975-1981

The height of the babbling brook, comfort food era of 1970s daytime teevee. Yet it works, and what a beautiful tune.

3) As the World Turns, 1967-1981

Now see, that's how to begin a soap opera! Are you listening, networks??

2) The Young and the Restless, 1973-present

This brings back so many childhood memories. My grandparents would watch Y&R daily. I still think, whenever I see this sequence begin, "Hey, is Price is Right finished already? God damn it!!"

Kudos to the producers for continuing to use this iconic theme after 35 years.

1) (TIED) The Edge of Night, First theme, 1956-1976

Simply beautiful. That's all I'm gonna say.

...and the Third theme, 1976-1980 (until the producers inadvisedly remixed the theme in a disco format)

Folks, meet my new cellphone ringtone.

This theme is a large part of the reason why I wish The Edge of Night were still airing to-day. Edge would literally PONG the rest of its daytime competition out of the water.

Seeing that most soaps have liberally cribbed from Edge in the past twenty-five years (that means you, General Hospital), I think I can make that assumption quite confidently.

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