11 November 2008

Veterans day

As we commemorate this tragic day set aside originally to mark the armistice of the First World War in 1918, we attempt as best as possible to ignore the loud paeans to State power and other such glorifications of War and all its dark and bloody works.

Today is proof that the State is greedy when establishing days to celebrate itself and all the evil deeds which it perpetuates.

The State killers we honor to-day are testaments to our greatness and freedoms, the media says. So witness the melancholy level of sickness into which our once-proud society has descended.

It is true that we should honor the memories, however, of those who died "defending our freedom" - just as we should honor the memories of any great State killing.

Of course, public workers like me inexplicably have a holiday from work to-day, while the productive sectors carry on doing what they do best, ignoring this State worshiping occasion as well they should.

Pointless holidays like this should be abolished. Enforced days of rest are only moral and proper on actual holidays that aren't rooted in the celebration of mass death.

Then again, perhaps life would be immeasurably better if every day was a holiday for public workers. Pay the fat bureaucrats to do nothing. Then perhaps they will be in a place where they can do no more damage to our freedoms.

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