22 November 2008

Some more thoughts on narcissism

The narcissist consumes everything around him. His rage lashes out to destroy other people, to the point of their physical demise.

Above all the narcissist must be completely sated. Anything that goes against his desires leads to often lethal consequences.

It can easily be seen that narcissists are drawn to power and enjoy the imposition of force and coercion on others. A double standard exists, of course, regarding the narcissist - force cannot be brought to bear on him, but he is anointed by fate to lead others around by the nose.

Therefore it is imperative that justice be imposed upon him. Narcissism cannot be cured, regrettably. The one thing that a narcissist/thug respects is force. The narcissist can only be tamed at the end of a barrel of a gun.

In short, the narcissist is a thug, and deserves to be treated as such.

More food for thought this evening.

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