06 November 2008

People make the world go round

Not powerful and dark figures in high places. Not erstwhile Messiahs and demigods. Not shadowy, anonymous persons in smoke filled rooms who pull the strings that represent depredations on our freedom.

People act in the market. They buy and sell. They innovate and create. They build and develop, and redevelop. They undertake billions of actions every day that constitutes our dynamic economy and offers us a better life and expanded choices.

Capitalism is about expanding choice. Fascism is about constricting choice, to purchase the goods and items that our Maximum Leaders dictate, to live in the manner they deem "appropriate" and "healthy", to remain restrained to actions and activities that benefit the Leadership politically and economically.

The active dynamism of capitalism is what the powerful hate. They realize that to remain relevant and powerful, they must constantly be offering something of merit, that people will want, at all times - or they will face irrelevancy and eventually perish.

You know, competition, the driver of efficiency and wealth creation. Scary thought.

This does not make the powerful happy. They are used to their privileges and comforts. Why should they be permitted to give up these things? After all, they are superior men! The fact that they are powerful and important proves this!

So they seek to restrain the freedom of the markets and men, in order to retain their exalted position.

It is the siren song of the unearned benefit, of subsidy, the timeless fantasy of the ages. And the State makes it possible. For only the State is recognized to hold a monopoly on force.

With the backing of State guns, anything is possibly for an increasingly economically irrelevant and morally delusional elite. They can steal, enrich themselves, reallocate wealth and resources at will. Why, they can even make the world over!

Just as Imperator Obama promises us.

Is your Messiah, then, so far removed from the monstrous machine of entrenched dickhead power?

I think not.

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