15 October 2008

There will be blood

The continuing economic chaos portends to swallow us whole.

All indicators point to severe depression, hyperinflation, mass destitution, evaporation of all fiat-regime stores of wealth, and the certain death of millions.  The auto has already careened off the precipice and there is no going back. The free fall about to commence will be swift and sickening. It remains to be seen if any part of civilization survives the coming chaos.

Right now Amerika is that auto, suspended in mid-air for one brief moment as it flies off the cliff edge, caught between the forces of inertia and gravity for a miniscule spell, preparing to descend toward a certain gory death.

The baliout can only be financed by massive increases in taxes leading to mass destitution, or inflation of currency leading to its destruction and mass destitution. Guess which road our solons are going to pursue.

Of course there is always a third option, if the sheeple really, really want this bailout as badly as the corrupt and self serving souls in high places do. We could evacuate our imperial bases overseas and cease the prosecution of wars we can no longer afford to pay for. But the chances of that happening is the same as Jesus returning from the dead.

The point of no return has passed. The corruption in the system is too great and the government has taken the actions which will assure a brutal end. This is the end game of a morally and financially bankrupt society that petulantly demanded and received a perpetual free lunch. The seed corn has been consumed and winter has arrived to a bare pantry.

Shortages of basic goods, currency devaluation, and wholesale economic collapse is the next step in the process. The affluent society - hell, all of society - is finished.

Get ready to die.

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