16 October 2008

It's about fucking time

Something that should have been done 30 plus years ago.

In private industry, a track record of 30+ years of bloody and tragic crossover accidents and collisions would be completely impossible, because that company would be without business within the blink of an eye after the first few accidents. In government, it is just the way things are - another brick in the wall that is the junglefication of our society, our now and future prison where the wardens are fat ghetto bureaucrats who tell you "I AM SOCIALIZING RIGHT NOW! YOU WILL WAIT!" when you want actual service from them.

I CANNOT BELIEVE that hundreds had to die before something as simple and cost-efficient as this was performed to our Interstate freeways. It boggles the mind that this was not done when the freeway was originally constructed in the 1970s.

As I recall, a few months ago a 12 year old girl or someone similar met a gruesome end along this very stretch, due to a completely preventable crossover accident such as the cable barrier is intended to prevent.

Just another example to demonstrate that your government that claims to "protect and serve" you does neither, and like the Latin American-like elites which it truly protects and serves couldn't give a miniscule shit whether you live or die.

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