20 October 2008

Cap City!

More photos from around the 'hood, courtesy of my week-end meanderings!

The II City Plaza tower at 4th and Convention is nearing completion. The basic structure is finished but work continues on the lobby and interiors.

A recent addition to downtown, the newly renovated Kress-Levy building at 3rd and Main looks top ho and spifflin' and now awaits tenants.

More Third Street renovations. This structure looks to be about 50% done.

What cheer, urban decay! The former EBR Arts and Technology School at North Blvd. and St. Ferdinand slowly deteriorates due to neglect and abandonment.

Please, somebody occupy this building. It really needs some love.

The Old Governor's Mansion on North Blvd.

Fourth Street on a Sunday evening, looking forlorn and abandoned as is usual during non-working days. This looks south from the Capitol precinct.

The sun sets behind the Capitol as the day, and weekend, ends.

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