16 September 2008

Back to normal (for now)

(This would be my 200th poast. Hooray!)

To-nite constitutes the first evening since the Saturday before Labor Day that even comes close to my normal routine (television, computer, me at my dinner table negotiating both). Thankfully my apartment is minimally habitable, despite mold and nonfunctional electrical sockets, and I am able to finally return to my solitary existence which was so rudely disrupted due to twin doomsdays.

Good to finally watch the Channel 9 evening news like a normal person again.

I will not be here for long, though. A change of address is coming soon - I mean real soon, as in less than two weeks.

I will no longer be a resident of the ghetto. Boo hoo!

But fear not! I have not compromised my principles. The sounds of smooth vintage soul will continue to emanate from my abode, wherever that may be. I have not sold out to the suburban interests and sought greenfield pastures off some anonymous exurban arterial strip. Au contraire! My new residence will be situated in a most aggreable and still urban location (perhaps the most urban location this region has to offer, in fact) and this blog will still be coming to you from the heart of Louisiana's Capital City!!

No better time than now to rearrange things and living arrangements. With everything in blade runner like limbo for nearly half a month, it makes sense to mix things up now while the disarray remains fresh.

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