28 August 2008

Turning to politics for a moment....

...the coronation in Denver progresses as I write, as Senator B. O. (nice initials there, he sure reeks of it) assumes the purple and is anointed with holy oils before the (papier-mache) temple of the gods as he prepares to enter his divinely ordained role as messiah of the people and savior of the world.

Not really, of course. The conventions are coronation ceremonies though, sham pageantry as visual propaganda to sell those appointed hucksters and fools who dare to assert their authority over an allegedly free people.

Right this minute, they are showing a propaganda film glorifying our putative future Leader on all the networks. How noble, how selfless he is!!

Folks, witness the media-political elite alliance at work.

It has been decided. Whoever is elected in November, I refuse to recognize the authority thereof. A free populace has no business allowing these shitheads to assume power over them in any way, shape, or form.

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