27 August 2008

Floating carcasses

So it begins again, as the grim fate of a second disaster awaits us.

When this is all over, New Orleans will likely be history.  Too much fucktardery has taken place for it to be any other way.

In 1871, the PEOPLE of Chicago, Illinois stood up and rebuilt their fire-ravaged city, and made it greater than ever.

In 1900, the PEOPLE of Galveston, Texas got off their asses and decided to prevent another hurricane catastrophe by elevating their entire island to render it flood proof. For the next great storm in 1915, the horrors of 1900 were not repeated.

In 1906, the PEOPLE of San Francisco, California did not sit around and wait for welfare checks and insurance payouts from distant entities seven states away; they got straight to work reconstructing their now-beautiful city from the ruins of earthquake and fire.

In 1947 and 1965, the PEOPLE of the Crescent City rebuilt after massive hurricanes had wreaked destruction on their community.

But the PEOPLE by then had become mentally and morally stupid.  Already having acquired a taste for omnipotent government, they depended on the promise of the Federal behemoth to protect their lives and property from the next great storm.

It was a grave and ultimately fatal mistake which cost over 1,800 PEOPLE their very existence, and altered forever for the worse the lives of hundreds of thousands more.

And in 2005, with their city in utter ruins after a tragedy of epic proportions, did the PEOPLE of New Orleans rise up to the challenge and rebuild?

Some brave souls did. But the vast majority, being obese, diabetic, TeeVee watching, mentally and morally comatose morons, did nothing, because to them the State and the insurance companies (can you say FEMA?) would make everything right again.

(Excuse me while I roll around on the floor in hysterical laughter.)

And so the City that Care Forgot truly lives up to its name, and remains in ruins as bureaucrats, lawyers, dickheads, government "contractors", criminals, and paper pushers rule the day.

Because the PEOPLE did nothing to save the place which they allegedly cherished.

If the PEOPLE had pulled their lead filled asses away from the TeeVee for once, they would have come to see the long term unsustainability of living life in a bowl situated below sea level, and surrounded by water. They would have taken it upon themselves (because heaven knows that entrusting anything to the GOVERNMENT is sheer folly) to ensure that their property, and the places they cared about, were never again subject to the watery fate of 8/29.

Galveston had solved the problem over a century ago. Why could this simple solution not be heeded???

Instead, the PEOPLE of New Orleans, secure in their Disney World mentality preferring always delusion and fantasy over cold, hard reality (since is life not just one big TeeVee show?) placed their collective faith/fate in the hands of the same dickhead incompetents which failed us last.

What morons have the PEOPLE become.

And so regarding anything horrific or tragic that happens in a few days' time, I will feel no guilt or remorse.

For the PEOPLE, if they had used even a microscopic amount of brain power, should have seen this coming. If the levees failed in 2005, and the Army Corps is still running the show therein, by what magic or hocus-pocus are you using to conclude that they will not fail again in 2008????

But they refused to think, and entrusted the thinking and the protection of their lives and property to those for whom the infliction of suffering is a sadistic pleasurable pasttime.

And so they will pay the ultimate price - again.

And one of America's greatest, most historic, and most culturally significant cities will be forever lost, all because people stopped giving a damn about themselves, and gave that task to the State - which, by the way, doesn't give a damn about you, either.

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Froggie said...

A very thought-provoking blog. And you hit the nail squarely on the head.

Sadly, NOLA is by far not the only area of the country that has that "the government will save me" mentality.