24 August 2008

Sines and signals!!!

In downtown, the city has recently begun to replace the old, twenty year old street signs:

These ugly bits of junk could definitely use replacement.

And I must admit, what they have come up with for a replacement is quite classy:

These share thematic similarities to the standard blue street signs, but have an added touch of design to denote their 'downtown' status.

Along with the signs, the old classic 12" Eagle traffic signals, dating probably from the 1950s and still oriented for two-way traffic on all streets, are being replaced with standard mast arm installations:

The powers that be claim that the new signals are designed to blend into downtown's historic makeup. But if that was the intent, they should have just remained with the old traffic lights, which are historic in their own right, and much more pleasant appearing than their modern, traffic-timed replacements.

Just your friendly neighborhood update for what is going down right now in downtown...for we all know here at this blog that you probably don't set foot there very often!

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