12 July 2008

So what have you done?

What are you doing to prepare yourself for the end of days?

Are you driving less, or better yet, carpooling or walking/cycling to work? Are you eliminating your discretionary trips from your schedule?

Have you decided that the 'entertainment' options which modern suburban life offers are insipid and cheap? Do you no longer travel to the cinema, the coffeehouse, the mall, all which survive on the predication of cheap oil and which are surrounded by acres of parking?

Have you found a small and efficient place to live close to your work? Have you decided to abandon the cul-de-sac and all its empty promises once and for all?

Are you teaching yourself to grow vegetables and prepare raw foodstuffs? Would you be able to feed yourself in a time of food crisis?

Do you work in an industry or profession which bears no relation to the needs and requirements of human survival? Have you considered what you will do when public relations or whatever gig you currently have is no longer a viable career option, or for that matter a career option at all?

Have you placed your personal finances in order? Have you purged yourself of pointless debt? Have you invested in hard stores of wealth such as gold, which will hopefully allow you to weather the crisis?

Are you spending more time with your family? You'd better, because God only knows if you and they will be alive in three to five years.

If you aren't doing these things, get started. We only have months to go before the deluge begins.

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