15 July 2008

Random wanderings

Point your peepers here, John Weeks! I have material for your marvelous river bridges site!

The Horace Wilkinson Bridge, aka "the new Mississippi River bridge", "the I-10 bridge", or my personal favorite, "the Interstate bridge", during the day...

...and in the evening gloom:

Another beautiful golden sunset in the Stick as the day ends:

I love this state.

More pictures from the riverfront:

My, how inviting.

These were taken from the new casino parking garage, which essentially is an exercise in stacking ten levels of parking stalls where one level of a surface lot used to be. What an enormous waste of concrete and steel, to appease the auto gods in this limited crawl space between the street and the levee.

And yes, before you ask, trains do really use those tracks. Big freight trains, indeed, which serve the industries to the north. It is actually the main line of the Canadian National RR in these parts.


Piyush the Boy Wonder has once again proved to us that to dickheads, image is everything. Here is the first physical evidence of the governor's needless renaming of the state Department of Labor to the "Louisiana Workforce Commission":

(Look closely at the postage stamp sized bright white sign at the top corner of the building.)

The Department is now a "commission" for some reason which I am sure is only tangentially related to providing better service for the taxpayer. I wonder which legislator's brother-in-law will be appointed to 'serve' on it.


Happened to see the "Miss Universe" (doesn't the Andromeda galaxy get a say?) pageant on Sunday, since there was nothing else on TV (as usual).

This year's ceremony took place in Vietnam, a country which we supposedly lost to godless Communism some time ago, after having sacrificed 50,000 or so of our youth to prevent such a fate. Why, Communists would never approve of this decadent Western display of moral crassness! I guess they are taking their cues from the Little Red Book of How to Make Money now.

Actually, it was quite decadent (not that I am a Communist, of course), and another black eye to Western civilization, proving yet again that there is little left worth preserving in our culture. Scantily dressed and half starved women straight off the cover of Maxim parading their stuff for a billion viewers (allegedly) to glance over. And this is how we judge and rate our women?

I find it amusing and sad that there were representatives of Asian and African countries among the festivities. After all, they still have their unique cultures and haven't completely bought into the Western ideal of womanhood as a half naked simpering sexpot, who looks like a famine victim to boot. They should know better. Come on, people!

And then there was Miss Kosovo, who happened to wind up in the final 15. Excuse me, but I thought Kosovo wasn't a real country???

(Yeah, I know that Kosovo declared independence from Serbia, but that 'independence' is very much predicated on the continued presence of the NATO imperial occupators in that region.)

In the end, Miss Venezuela took the crown. Not surprising, given that the beauty paegant circuit is practically one of that country's largest industries.

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