14 July 2008

Questions, questions

Why does the mayor feel that we can support the publicly funded development of two downtown hotels, along with an expansion of the convention center facilities, at the same time when a private developer is planning to build a third hotel as part of a long delayed high rise condominium project, of which any single one of those hotels could easily absorb projected future downtown accomodation needs on its own?

How in god's name does he think the voters and taxpayers of this parish are going to support an expensive and tax consuming bond issue for public 'improvements' in this coming age of dire scarcity?

Where is this bond money going to be spent? Will it be spent on basics such as drainage and law enforcement, or is it just going to be blown on 'services' which the private sector can readily provide right this instant?

Why are so many goddamned 'luxury' apartments being constructed out in the White exurbs of this city when working folks in my neighborhood are having to double up and triple up for lack of affordable, conveniently located housing? Why is this obvious market opportunity simply being overlooked and wasted????

Why did the governor just inflate his conservative 'cred' by vetoing numerous pork barrel projects, after having squandered much of that cred over the legislative pay raise fiasco? (Not that I'm complaining.) And why weren't all such "pork" projects cancelled? Which projects managed to survive and (more importantly) how did they come to remain in the budget when other, similar legislative requests were axed? Whose 'pet' projects were they?

Who is going to profit from the coming Fannie/Freddie nationalization? (Hint: Follow the money.)

Why does nobody mention the fact that Juan McCain is a Panamanian by birth, and therefore ineligible to be President as he is not a 'natural born citizen' as proscribed by the Constitution?

(Oh wait. Nobody cares about the Constitution anymore. Mystery solved.)

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